Text Mining and Retrieval Leiden


Suzan Verberne,
Assistant Professor in the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS)
Alex Brandsen, PhD student in the faculty of Archeology
Big data in archaeology: harnessing the hidden knowledge in the “graveyard” of Malta reports
Anne Dirkson, PhD student in the faculty of Science
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining from patient experience repositories
Gineke Wiggers, PhD student in the faculty of Law
Measuring relevance and relations of Dutch legal publications
Hugo de Vos, PhD student in the faculty of Governance and Global affairs (FGGA)
Automated text analysis of policy-related documentation
Martin Kroon, PhD student in the faculty of Humanities
Detecting cross-linguistic syntactic differences automatically
Wout Lamers, PhD student at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS)
Understanding scientific progress by analysing the context of scholarly citations

Current bachelor and master students:
  • Soeradj Kanhai (master): Reach and content of Dutch clickbait on Facebook (with Nieuwscheckers)
  • Wilco Draijer (master): Case law retrieval (with Ortec)
  • Anneloes Louwe (master): Hacking Women’s Stroke – Exploring the free text in patients’ files (with LUMC)
  • Yuting Hu (master): ICD-10 coding of medical records (with dePraktijkIndex)
  • Xiaoling Zhang (master): Text mining on Biorefinery Published Articles (with CML, Leiden University)

Former bachelor and master students:
  • Thomas Prikkel (master): Reducing manual labor in Technology-Assisted Review (with Zylab)
  • Renuka Ramgolam (master): Visualization of privacy-sensitive data in local governments (with Motion10)
  • Marc van Duyn (bachelor): Visual Classification of E-Discovery Images with Neural Networks (with Zylab)
  • Marcus Abukari (bachelor): Predicting tax codes using machine learning (with FSSC, Leiden University)
  • Patrick 't Jong (bachelor): ANWB Connected Analyses; Evaluating driving behavior to distinguish motorists (with ANWB)

Affiliated researchers:
  • Arianna Bisazza, Assistant Professor at LIACS
  • Ben Companjen, Digital Scholarship Librarian at Leiden University Library
  • Benjamin van der Burgh, Research assistant at LIACS and CODARTS
  • Michiel Meulendijk, Researcher at the LUMC
  • Peter Verhaar, Digital Scholarship Librarian at Leiden University Library
  • Paul Vierthaler, Assistant Professor at the Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities
  • Wessel Kraaij, Professor at LIACS